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7 Meeting Planning Tips To Bring Your Teams Together Safely

Let's all be honest, we never expected to still be dealing with a pandemic going into fall of 2021 but alas here we are. Even though we all love being home in our stretchy pants, studies show it is important for teams to gather in person. It is a confusing time for leaders and meeting planners alike. We have compiled a short list of tips to help you unite your teams safely.

1. Go Off-Site

If your office doesn’t have the necessary space to distance everyone, take your meeting out of the office to a hotel or conference center. It's no secret, many employees are not excited about going back to in office work. Many companies are easing the transition by starting with the team meeting outside the office in a less formal setting.

2. Room Arrangement is Everything

Certain meeting setups like u-shape, hollow square and classroom make it easy to space your attendees out 6ft. If your group is large, microphones are a good idea.

3. Host Regional Meetings

If traveling is a concern, consider hosting smaller regional meetings and joining those meetings together virtually with the other geographies. Your staff will feel safer not having to get on a airplane and you will save on travel expenses.

4. Consider Going Outdoors

South Florida is full of great, covered outdoor venues. Take your meeting outside! Fresh air circulating is a great way to keep everyone safe. The best weather months are fast approaching! We can meet audio visual setup needs outdoors as well.

5. Personal Partitions

If your meeting room doesn’t provide enough space for social distancing, we can provide acrylic partitions in between participants. Contact us for more info.

6. Drive-In Events

Drive-in’s have made a huge comeback, but they don’t just have to be for movies. We can provide a led video wall and staging for graduations, awards, holiday parties, team gatherings and more!

7. When in Doubt Go Virtual/Hybrid

If you just aren’t sure if your team is ready to meet in person or some of your attendees are and some aren’t, we can help you with a hybrid event which is live streaming your event to remote attendees. Going fully virtual is another option and we are not talking about your basic Zoom call. It's time to take your virtual meetings to the next level. We can get your teams interacting!

Whatever you decide is the best way to unite your team, Gravitate Productions is here to help you. Connect with us today.

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